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Why Seek For A Professional Mold Inspection? Whether we feel it, smell it or see it, mold is around us. Say that the mold is found outside, it means that the fungus play a part in our natural environment to break down the dead organic matter. But when you found such inside, then molds are producing allergens that may potentially cause health issues for both humans and pets. Because of its spores that we can’t see, it’s nearly impossible to detect it in the air. Well the good thing is that, there are several ways that can help us tell if you need a professional mold inspection. Reason number 1. Surface growth – even though spores are invisible to the eyes when floating around, the moment that they land on wet surface and started to grow, they’re hard to miss. Spores come in different shapes, sizes and colors and always look unhealthy and dirty. And because of the fact that they need moisture in order to survive, the fungi usually feel and appear slimy. Reason number 2. Bad smell – infestations are making their presence known due to its unpleasant odor before it even becomes visible. It is not surprising that a stale or musty scent is among the common reasons why homeowners are calling mold inspection companies.
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Reason number 3. Past plumbing leaks – since mold requires water in order to survive, the levels usually remain within healthy ranges indoors. The only exception here however is, where there’s been plumbing leaks, it can attract floating spores. It doesn’t really matter where the leak has originated, be it in the floor, wall or basement because sometime soon, the fungus is going to find it.
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Reason number 4. Health issues – when the spores are confined in an indoor space, it can surely cause allergic reactions even though it has harmless odors. For those who have respiratory problems and children, they probably know the effects of this. According to experts, around 1 out of every 3 children is allergic to mold, making it as the most common allergen next to pollen. But due to the reason that it’s common to have exposure symptoms like eye irritation, runny nose, sneezing, coughing and so forth, many homeowners don’t pinpoint the cause for months. As a rule of thumb, have a mold inspection if ever some of the common allergy symptoms appear to be exacerbated in your house. Don’t think twice to contact a professional mold inspection company to do an inspection and clarify whatever you’re suspecting in the event that you’re suspecting to have an infestation in your home, apartment or business office of the aforementioned reasons.

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